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Why should you choose Beyond Care’s
support coordinator?

Beyond Care’s Support Coordinators are committed to helping you achieve your goals, develop your skills, and to link services to suit your needs.

You’ll be able to take advantages such as:

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No matter how complicated your support needs are or where your plan is up to. Our expert support coordinator will assist you in achieving your NDIS goals.

Beyond Care’s Support Coordination team works in consultation with participants to enhance the full usage of their NDIS funds by guiding them about the flexibility within their plans.

Support Coordinators are the linkers between you and the service providers in your NDIS plan. They help you choose how best to achieve goals and have your needs met and will engage the appropriate formal, informal and mainstream services to do so.

To discuss your NDIS goals and allows us to assist you in connecting appropriate supports for you. Click Contact us or call on 02 8678 0345

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“I always look forward to my weekly Friday outings with my regular staff. We go every week to explore new places and learn how to catch public transport. I enjoy it”

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“My regular staff helps me with my daily personal care and maintains my house clean with me. Last week I went on a cruise to watch vivid show with my staff.”

What is NDIS Support Coordination?

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be a complex journey, and understanding the role of support coordination is essential for maximizing the benefits of your NDIS plan. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of NDIS support coordination, shedding light on its purpose, levels, and how it can empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals.

What is NDIS Support Coordination? NDIS Support Coordination is a capacity-building support designed to assist individuals in making the most effective use of their NDIS plans. The primary objectives of support coordination include:

  1. Understanding and Utilizing Your NDIS Plan: Support coordination helps individuals comprehend the details of their NDIS plan, ensuring a clear understanding of the supports available and how to use them to pursue personal goals.

  2. Connecting with Providers and Community Services: Support coordinators play a crucial role in connecting individuals with NDIS providers, community services, mainstream services, and other government resources. This ensures a comprehensive support network tailored to individual needs.

  3. Building Confidence and Skills: Through support coordination, individuals gain the confidence and skills needed to coordinate their supports effectively. This includes managing service delivery tasks, fostering relationships, promoting independent living, and fostering community inclusion.

Levels of Support Coordination: NDIS support coordination comes in three levels, each catering to different needs:

  1. Support Connection: This level focuses on building an individual's ability to connect with informal, community, and funded supports. It aims to enhance one's capacity to leverage their plan and pursue personal goals.

  2. Support Coordination: This level assists individuals in developing the skills required to understand and use their NDIS plan effectively. Support coordinators work collaboratively to ensure a diverse mix of supports, enhancing independence and community participation.

  3. Specialist Support Coordination: Reserved for complex situations, specialist support coordination provides higher-level assistance. It helps individuals manage challenges in their support environment and ensures consistent service delivery.

How Support Coordination Gets Included in a Plan: The funding for support coordination is based on what is deemed "reasonable and necessary" to pursue goals, complementing support from family, friends, and other community and government services. Support coordination is usually included in the Capacity Building budget, representing a fixed amount allocated for a support coordinator to guide individuals in using their plans effectively.

NDIS Support Coordination is a valuable tool for individuals navigating the NDIS landscape. By unlocking the power of support coordination, individuals can enhance their understanding of their plans, connect with vital services, and build the skills needed to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Whether it's Support Connection, Coordination of Supports, or Specialist Support Coordination, the tailored assistance provided by support coordinators empowers individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their unique goals within the NDIS framework.

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