Learn Skills for Life

Beyond Care aim to increase and build your everyday skills based on your needs. All of our skill-building programs are developed based on all age, ability and individual needs. 
Supporting you to develop independent travel skills, social skills and communication skills. We aim to improve daily activity skills such as cooking, household chores, shopping, social skills, financial skills and personal care.
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We assist you in developing skills in these programs:

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Grow and Learn

We help you to grow towards long-term independence. Learning skills to help you comfortably perform normal daily tasks.

Beyond Care

“My monthly stay at respite house, helps my mum to have a break and I get to meet my friends at respite house where we go out for different social outings.”

Beyond Care

“I always look forward to my weekly Friday outings with my regular staff. We go every week to explore new places and learn how to catch public transport. I enjoy it”

Beyond Care

“My regular staff helps me with my daily personal care and maintains my house clean with me. Last week I went on a cruise to watch vivid show with my staff.”

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