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Respite care is not something a you should ever feel guilty about. It means that you are taking responsibility to do what you need to do so that you can be a better caregiver for your loved one.

You should consider booking a respite break in advance. This will help you to avoid exhaustion and becoming run down. Some services have waiting lists so don’t wait until you are physically and mentally exhausted to think about taking a break. 

Emergency respite care may be available if the unexpected happens – such as a major illness, a bereavement or you simply need help at short notice.

Get in touch to arrange a time to start enjoying Beyond Care Short Stays – we can’t wait to meet you!

Caring for someone can be a valuable and rewarding experience

A respite break will give you the opportunity to look after yourself a bit. It can also help you to continue to provide care for a longer period.

Respite care helps by providing temporary accommodation and support for a loved one that requires care. It relieves you the carer of your duties so that you can rest, recharge and attend to your own personal life. Spend time with your family, maintain friendships and pursue a career or a hobby for example.

Join Beyond Care for a respite break. 

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Beyond Care

“My monthly stay at respite house, helps my mum to have a break and I get to meet my friends at respite house where we go out for different social outings.”

Beyond Care

“I always look forward to my weekly Friday outings with my regular staff. We go every week to explore new places and learn how to catch public transport. I enjoy it”

Beyond Care

“My regular staff helps me with my daily personal care and maintains my house clean with me. Last week I went on a cruise to watch vivid show with my staff.”

Discover the flexibility and support provided by our NDIS Respite and Short Term Accommodation services at Beyond Care. Our Short Term Accommodation, which includes respite, offers funding for both support and accommodation, allowing individuals to experience a temporary stay away from their regular home environment. This service covers the cost of care in an alternative setting for up to 14 days at a time.

Whether you choose to have a short stay alone or with others, this funding is particularly beneficial when your usual carers are unavailable or when you’re eager to explore new opportunities. Beyond Care’s Short Term Accommodation aims to create an environment where participants can try new activities, make friends, and develop valuable skills.

Our support includes personal care, comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, and engaging activities tailored to individual preferences. This service not only benefits participants but also provides a well-deserved break for their regular carers, offering them respite from their caring responsibilities.

At Beyond Care, we understand the importance of maintaining current living situations, and our Short Term Accommodation is designed to support these needs. We offer flexibility, allowing participants to use their funding in blocks of up to 14 days or allocate it for specific weekends.

With up to 28 days of funding available per year, our NDIS Short Term Accommodation is designed to meet the diverse needs of participants. The standard rates for Short Term Accommodation can be found in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

If you’re considering short term out-of-home care, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Reach out to your Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator, Early Childhood Partner, or planner to discuss your requirements and explore the best ways to utilize your Core budget for Short Term Accommodation.

Discover the comfort, support, and opportunities that Beyond Care’s NDIS Respite and Short Term Accommodation services bring to individuals and their carers alike.

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